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Us Presidentship – At A Glance

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A Brief: President-ship in the United States of America is the most prestigious and ceremonious and influential elected office in the world.

The chief and the prime most duty of a US president is to ensure that the laws are strictly followed and obeyed. This is delegated through the executive agencies that have cabinet-level departments. They build the Supreme Court.

How Does It Work?

The majority at the Senate makes the judicial and executive appointments.

The president also has supreme control over the military segment of the country.

He has even the power to make treaties which must be supported by 2/3 of the Senates majority.

The Congress selected executives who can be recalled by the state governors through voting procedures.

The majority votes will elect the president, and the runner up could elect the vice president. If no one won the majority, then the choice would be about the house of representative.

The government is divided into three distinct parts. They are:-

  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Judicial

The first one is controlled by the Congress comprising the House of Representatives and the Senate. It checks the system and balances the three branches.

The second one distinguishes the power between the government of the States and the Federalism. Both the houses are made up of delegates from all over fifty states of the United States. The Two houses vote and depending on it, a decision is taken whether it must come in force or not.

The Supreme Court and the lower federal courts come under the judiciary branch. The Supreme Court decides those cases which are fought in states. It even has the power to decide whether the action of the president of the Congress is justified or not.

It is very similar to that of the Indian Constitution.


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