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Us Presidential Election

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The election for president of the United States takes place once every four years on the first Tuesday in November.

The Electoral College                      

When it comes to talking about other U.S elections, people elect the candidates by direct votes. However, the presidential election works way differently. The president and vice president are not elected directly by the candidates; instead, electors choose them by following a particular system, that’s called Electoral College.

This process is enlisted into the constitution of the United States. You can take it a compromise between a vote in congress and a popular vote by the citizens.

The Presidential Primaries

Before the general election starts, the candidates need to pass through several caucuses and state primaries. Indeed, the primaries and the caucuses run in different ways, but they are meant to fulfil the same purpose.

They allow the state to select the nominations of the leading political parties for the general election.

The Requirements That the Candidates for The Presidential Elections Need to Meet

There are specific criteria that an individual needs to meet for getting the entry pass to the presidential election of the United States as a candidate. The list includes the following.

  • The age of the candidate should be minimum of 35 23years
  • He or she needs to reside in the U.S.A for least fourteen years.
  • The individual should be a citizen of the U.S.A.


Any individual, who fulfil the stated criteria can opt-out to declare their candidacy for the presidential election of the United States. However, in case, a candidate’s campaigning expenses cross the mark of $ 5000, they need to get registers with the Federal Election Commission.

The process involves a principal campaign committee for spending and raising campaign funds. This is how the presidential election process works in the U.S.A!


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