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Theodore Roosevelt

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Biography of the Best Peace Maker in History

Roosevelt was mountain climbing when William McKinley was shot by an anarchist in Buffalo. He took the oath as the 26th President of the United States and brought the country into a new era. The country and the government were in absolute chaos when he took office. People went from being dedicated to simply not caring and from having faith in their government to having doubts about it. It was his job to turn it all around and put it back on the right track, and that he did. He introduced new kinds of peacetime power such as deterrence which was symbolized by the U.S Military to promote our country’s interest in world order and peace. He was the youngest president yet, only 42 years of age when he took the oath of office and ended career at only 50. He turned his years in the white house into a spectacle of activities with his sons and cabinet members. He and his sons engaged in pillow fights and wrestling matches with his aids with imported Japanese wrestlers. He truly lived a strenuous life.

Before he became president he was a frontiersman, a hunter, a Cavalry leader of “the rough riders” in Cuba and even the assistant secretary of the navy. He was nominated for Mayor of New York City but lost. After losing the race for Mayor he went to England and married his childhood friend Edith Kermit Carow. He settled down in Washington where for six years he served as a civil service commissioner and then for two years he served as police board chairman in New York City. As the police board chairman he cracked down on corrupt cops. President McKinley appointed him assistant secretary of the Navy in April of 1897 and during this time the Spanish were sending troops over to Cuba to fight the freedom fighters and Japan and Germany were building fleets to take on the British Empire. In 1898 the war with Spain erupted and he wanted a piece of the action. “The rough riders” were sent over to Cuba, a group of cavalry men he himself trained and when Colonel Leonard Wood was promoted he took command. A month and a half after returning to the U.S he was nominated for New York State Governor and was elected only six weeks later.

In 1909 Roosevelt left office and to him it was all downhill from there with the lack of power to put his idealism to work. When World War 1 broke out Roosevelt asked President Wilson for permission to raise volunteers and go over and help with the war effort but Wilson declined. Teddy had to watch his sons be sent off to war in his stead. His son Quentin age 21 of the U.S Air Force was killed when the enemy shot down his plane. Even though he was saw as a warmonger during his time in office he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1904 for negotiating a peace between Japan and Russia. Teddy occupied his time after he left office by going big game hunting and went to Brazil to explore the River of Doubt. His adventurous life ended the morning of January 6th 1919 and was survived by his five children and one for whom Alice (blue gown) Roosevelt Longworth was a beloved figure in Washington until her death in 1980.


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