The Presidential Election is a Three Act Play

Is it Vaudeville or is it a just plain old circus? The election season, that is. Many would describe it as a three ring circus.

I contend that it more closely resembles a three-act play, maybe even a "passion" type play. You have to admit the performances have been astounding, good, old Shakespearean drama, happiness, sadness, pathos, anger, outrage: all being played out on the stage of public opinion in order to gain support for the Grand Cause.

At the conventions, we had good, old revival meetings, with fire and brimstone and Heaven and Hell and sin and righteousness being preached to the churches of the faithful.

In the first act, at the Democrat rally in Denver, as close to Heaven as you can get, I guess, without altitude equipment., they were rallying the troops, preaching to the choir, decrying sin in the form of Republican control of the Country, and exalting righteousness the "change" that is proposed. Hell and Heaven.

For emphasis, we had testimony that would resonate with various interest groups. The finest testimony was given by the women in the main speaking roles. Then there was the women's slot and the military slot aimed at drawing into the fold people from those groups. There was great speaking, uplifting personal testimonials for the main stars on the stage, Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama, who, in their turn, stirred the choir and unknown others watching and listening.

Then, in Minnesota, in the far reaches of the North, far away from the hotter realms, the second act to our National Drama played out. This time, Heaven was a Republican controlled country and Hell, Democrat. To some in the audience, Heaven was on their side. The condemning phrases were virtually spit out to the audience.

But it wasn't all serious preaching. We had a bit of standup comedy when the two principles spoke. First, Ms. Palin. The voice was similar, but without the inflections, to Rosanne Barr, and, when Ms. Palin recited the joke about the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls, if you closed your eyes, you could almost imagine Ms. Barr going into her comedy routine. You expected the next line to be about a "recliner that burps".

And Mr. McCain – well, as he was reciting the differences between himself and Mr. Obama, you could almost hear the late George Carlin give his recitation of the differences between football and baseball, almost expecting that the next comparison would be, "In football, the object is to march down the field, taking enemy territory . . . but in baseball, the object is to 'go home'" – but wait a minute – that would play better in a Democratic speech – but you get my drift.

And now the third act plays itself out.

You see the one side (the Democrats) promising salvation from the evils of present distress, portraying their main opponent as a disciple of the devil who rules at present. Then you have the other side (the Republicans) warning that if you leave the comforting confines of the present state of affairs and follow the Evil One on the other side, you all stand a chance of tumbling headlong into the Abyss.

Of course, the third act hasn't ended. You have to shoot the gun. You know, that old saying: "If you introduce a gun in the first act, you have to use it by the third." We are the gun. We, by our votes, will shoot someone down.

I would say, "May the best actor win.", but we don't need actors; rather we need people who perform.

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