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Joe Biden- A Short Biography

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About JOE

Joseph Robinette Biden Junior is a world-famous political figure of America. From the year 2009, he served as the Vice President of America until the year 2017. He was the 47th Vice President of the United States of America. He even worked as a member of the Democratic Party From the year 1973 and served as a United States Senator for Delaware till the year 2009.

Joe Biden took birth on November 20, 1942, in Scranton city situated in the northeast of Pennsylvania. His father was Joseph Biden Senior who earned his living by working as a furnace cleaner and also as a salesman of used cars. His mother was Catherine Eugenia `Jean’ Finnegan.

Education and Early Life

Biden did his schooling from St. Paul’s Elementary School situated in Scranton. The family then migrated to Mayfield, Delaware, near a chemical company at DuPont. Biden was just a thirteen-year-old boy then.

Biden then attended school at St. Helena School and then he went to the famous Archmere Academy. Biden had a very struggling childhood. He used to wash school windows and also worked in gardens to support his family as well as arrange tuition fees. He was a small skinny teen who was the best passer in the football team.

In 1961, Biden passed his graduation from the same and studied history in a university near to Delaware. He then took an interest in politics. In 1966 he married his love interest named Neilia Hunter. Biden was even a law student too and graduated in law in 1968.


He joined Democratic Party and from 1973 to 2009 served the Senate. He promoted peace and expanded NATO and even spoke against Bush about the Iraq War.

In 1994, Biden increased police force to sentence the criminals. He even wrote many books and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. This 77-year-old personality will always be admired in the world.



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