I’m an American Woman, and I’m Making History

Today’s women occupy a unique position in the history of the world, bringing with it unique challenges, struggles, and accomplishments. To be a woman in America today means navigating the intricate boundaries of being a wage earner, a parent, and a spouse. I am part of the first generation in which the majority of women are working mothers, primary wage earners, college educated and comfortable with delaying marriage several decades beyond what our mothers chose. As a forty-something woman in northern California, a wife, a mother, and a teacher, I acutely understand the challenge of choices that are before me.

I experience the challenges of balance and letting go. As a working mom, I must constantly redefine boundaries between what is expected of me from my teaching duties, and what is required of me to be the kind of mother and wife my family deserves. Often it requires negotiation and compromise, bringing about frequent bouts of doubt that I’m making the right choice at the right time. I struggle with letting go of expectations-expectations of what I thought my life would be like, and the loosening of what I am capable of doing in this decade of my life. Daily, I’m challenged to be the kind of woman my children will admire and look up to, trying to display courage, empathy, and ambition wrapped up in a 24-hour day.

As an American woman I have experienced the deep gratification of accomplishment. I’ve earned the respect of family, friends, students and colleagues through the many different roles I play. I’ve won teaching awards, government grants, and have worked with educators around the globe.I’ve learned to value and use my voice to not only stand up for what I believe in, but to share my life lessons. But my greatest accomplishment by far is that I’m raising two children to be educated, kind, compassionate and curious human beings. I’m an American woman, and I’m making history.

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