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Donald Trump – A Brief Biography

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The Story Begins…

In the year of 2017, Donald John Trump was elected as the forty fifth president of United States of America. He was born on June, 14, 1946 and was brought up in the New York City of the United States. His father’s name is Frederick Christ Trump and his spouse’s name is Melanie Trump. He was the fourth child out of five children of Frederick Trump.


After completing his schooling from New York Military Academy, he joined Fordham University in Bronx.  Later, from the University of Pennsylvania, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Early Age Career

He was a businessman and a real estate developer too. Along with his graduation, he worked full time in his father’s businesses in all types and spheres and then in 1974 he became the president of the Trump owned companies and partnership houses. He owned many casinos, hotels, resorts, golf courses, real estate properties in and around the world famous New York City and even across the world.

Since the year 1980, Trump has been lending his brand name to clothes, food, cologne, furniture and what not. He even opened a university in his name and from 2005 to 2010; different seminars in real estate education have been conducted in this world famous university.

His private organization, The Trump Organization, was made up of some 500 companies which are dealing with a wide variety of businesses. Starting from hotels, world class resorts and excellent residential properties, his organization includes television and entertainment too.

Rebuilding the United States

In the year of 2019, Donald John Trump was the third President of United States of America who has been honored by the US House of Representatives just after Andrew Johnson in the year of 1868 and Bill Clinton in the year of 1998.



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